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Choosing your Breast Implant Shape

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Anatomic or Round Breast Implants

Round Breast Implants – When placed under the muscle, round implants produce the most reliable natural result. The currently available shaped or anatomic breast implants can produce an elongated appearance in some women.  Round implants change according the your body position and, therefore, more closely mimic your own natural breasts. Like normal breasts, when a women stands up, the breast implant filler material responds to gravity.

Anatomic Breast Implants – Anatomic Breast Implants are also referred to Contoured or Teardrop breast implants. This implants can accidentally flip requiring revision surgery. In addition, most women undergoing breast augmentation surgery desire enhancement in both the upper and lower part of the breasts, not just the bottom of the breast. Therefore, anatomic implants are rarely used currently by most plastic surgeons.

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